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Customer Information Text - KVKK


Dear customer, as the Newold brand, we attach great importance to your personal data and the privacy of your private life. In this context, we present this clarification text to you as a requirement of the Personal Data Protection Law No.6698 ("KVKK").
Your personal data is processed by Ezgi Hazal Oymak (Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Trade Registry No: 214240-5), who is the data controller in terms of KVKK and holds the legal rights of the Newold brand, for the purposes described below.
Processing Purposes and Collection Methods of Your Personal Data
Your personal data is directly obtained by you for purposes such as shopping, advertising and product promotion through our website If you decide to shop as a result of your interest in our products, some personal data such as name-surname, telephone number, e-mail address and TRNC are collected by you in order to complete the invoice and communication processes. The personal data collected in question, KVKK m. Among the cases of compliance with the law regulated in 5/2, within the scope of subparagraphs (a), (c) and (ç) respectively (a) it is clearly regulated in the laws, (c) it is mandatory to process personal data for the establishment and execution of the sales contract, and (ç) ) on behalf of the data controller's legal obligation to take refuge in the data processing conditions.
In addition, subscription to the newsletter prepared by our brand for advertising, marketing and promotion purposes will be taken entirely with your express consent, and we would like to state that you are free to opt out of this newsletter at any time.
For Which Purposes To Whom Personal Data Can Be Transferred
Your personal data, within the scope of the aforementioned basis and purposes, to our business partners, suppliers, third parties we receive services or cooperate with, personal data processing specified in Articles 8 and 9 of KVKK, legally authorized public institutions. within the framework of the terms and conditions and limited to these.
Rights You Can Use Regarding Your Personal Data
In Article 11 of the KVKK, the rights of the persons whose personal data are processed are clearly regulated. You can send your requests regarding your rights in question via e-mail address. We would like to state that we will provide you with a written return within thirty days following your request, if you share the necessary information and documents with us in order to complete your relevant requests.

Data Supervisor: Ezgi Hazal Oymak (Trade Registry No: 214240-5)
Address: Tatlısu Mah, Şehit Burak Kurtuluş Cad. No: 69 Merit Life Göl Konakları, Villa C10
Umraniye / Istanbul
MERSİS No: 3708172925400001
Web Address:
Telephone: 0850 307 79 65

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